? Paul Michael Daigle

Dover, Massachusetts, US

? Paul Michael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About ? Paul Michael

As founder of THEKeySuccessFactors.com and I’m a business and technology collaborator with diverse interests. I leverage my skills, competencies, and degrees to define and connect clients' desires with products, services, and capabilities in order to expand what we can do together. In the process, we build the intricate infrastructure for our world's brilliant minds to solve the escalating list of complex problems facing our planet.

As a coach, I help executives, who are also parents create powerful careers and delightful family lives; at the same time. These executives feel swamped in information, interruption, and scattered thoughts; with no clear way to stay on top of it all. . . And, it didn’t use to be that way. Their pleasurable, past motivation of “looking good” is no longer effective.

As a father, having raised six children while also being an executive, my practical experience blends nicely with my coaching certification to provide more than an excellent accountability partner. My clients appreciate my ability to identify blind spots, foresee challenges, and reveal effective options for obtaining their desired results both at home and at work. They gain control of their day despite all the urgency calling for their attention and feel calmer even when their child (or boss) is having a temper tantrum!

I seek to connect with executives who want to collaborate, expand, and contribute with more people, businesses, and communities.