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I’m driven and determined to get my message out to the world I got something to say and they need to hear it because I know what they want the best teacher in life is experience and I’ve gained a lot experience a lot when it comes to just knowing how people feel and knowing what they need to get over the hump but I can’t just help people change themselves without first showing them their not alone and helping identify the problem showing them how it started and just trying to stop a generational curse that we as humans have put on our selves especially in my generation the dreams the aspirations and just the belief that you can achieve something even if you didn’t grow up seeing it or you’ve never seen it you can achieve that I believe a lot of how the media portrays the things it puts out is what is holding a lot of my peers back because everything is so open nowadays and just there. You know they create a image inside the minds of ours that we are different from the people who make it or made it I’m talking about the big News sites that people watch not a newspaper think about it when you see a person like Lebron or Beyoncé or Jay z it’s a disconnect between you and them you know they are just regular people but they are different and that separates them from all of the other billions of people occupying this earth they identified what they was good at and they did it their way and now people treat them as icons and you and me can do the same thing I’m a kid from Detroit I never had nothing handed to me I been poor all my life and nobody ever extended a helping hand and gave me anything I always kept my mind going to “know it’s get better” even on the days I feel like quitting I’m just like everyone of you on here who trying to take control over our own lives be financially free from debt and all of that it’s possible I wanna make movies, tv shows, commercial, write books and host daily shows talking to people relating my message directly to you in the form of art understand me to the core see that I went through the same as you see that the only real difference between you and them is your passion and the control over your mind to be the best at something or die I want whatever I touch under my production company to deliver that message be like a beacon of hope for those that haven’t found their Sun yet if you feel as doe you understand and can see just the first brick of mine into building my legacy that I laid out in this self description about my vision and how I want my voice to be heard and what I wanna achieve then contact me at 3136484641 I’m in the Redford area and I’m always around Detroit and surrounded area I’m looking for a cofounder in my business and a team of likewise people who want to make a lot of money doing what they love in the entertainment industry it doesn’t matter what part of the entertainment industry you want to be in my production company will have their hands in everything but our expertise will be in Movies I’m a writer and I’m willing to work with more writers if that’s yo specialty I need Directors actors and just more people with a positive attitude and energy I don’t care if you just started out as long as you are open to growth then we can get along I’m very good with people and I’m only 24 and I got my plan mapped out and my business is going through the process of getting created right now as we speak I talk a lot write a lot and brainstorm and smoke weed a lot but I don’t slack off and I’m very honestly I truly appreciate you if you read all of this even if you don’t wanna be a part of this journey.


I believe that we as people gotta do a better job at understanding feelings embrace every emotion you go through on a daily because that’s what makes you human We all cry, We all lie, We all have those days where we just can’t seem to get nothing right and I’m pretty sure we all have those days when we just feel lonely and some of us that lonely creates a emptiness that stays with us no matter where we go but Why do we do that? Feelings are natural you are not the first person to go through this and you are not the last emotions are forever embrace them and you will achieve a peace of mind the secret is go with the flow and understand everyday is not going to be perfect but it’s the bad days that makes the good ones appreciated. - Arthur Totton

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