A. Hafiz

Singapore, Singapore

A.'s Skills
Design Direction
Business Conceptualization
Strategic Analytics

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About A.

A visionary person. I'm Looking to share and cultivate ideas towards improving the Future Tech industry. I have some initial ideas (Digital Supply Chain, Geospatial Cloud) and concepts to explore and would love the opportunity to speak openly about them with potential Co-Founders.

Currently building up an Information Technology - Urban Mobility. A navigation mobile application to "Connect People and Data, Indoor, and Outdoor." with Augmented Reality (AR) to implement Location/Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Real-Time data to enhance the better experience for Indoor and Outdoor with (Mapbox & Esri).

I already have a Startup Team (with Partnerships) and a Design mockup/prototype. I'm looking for a Partner/Co-Founder who is "visionary" and with a Business Background (Designer field definitely a bonus)

Currently: Building a Startup.
Stage: Validation - Concept exploration & research.

Personal message for more information (as i keep it strictly confidential).


"Ideas to come out fully formed, they only become clear ideas as we work on them" - Mark Zuckerberg