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Hi there, I graduated as an engineer from Berkeley a few years ago and I am currently working for a Fortune 500 company. After spending two years in a corporate environment, I realize that I can contribute much more to the society than just being satisfied with an, 8-5 job.

First thing first: I’m a person who places a lot of emphasis on developing a product/platform that truly addresses a REAL need by adding FUNDAMENTAL VALUE, not just perceived value. The goal of this startup is NOT to become the next Facebook or earn billions of dollars, the goal of this startup to ensure more people become healthier, happier, and more productive every day. If your reason for joining us is to make money or become famous, this team is not right for you.

I did my need finding in late October-2013 and found an idea/model that will address a person's fundamental need. My partner and I have validated most of our initial hypothesis and concepts (market, need, product, requirement, feature, competitor, operation, supply chain etc.) through interviewing industry professionals and early-adopters. We are very confident in our validated business plan and we simply need to execute on it. We developed and tested a suitable prototype and hire our first employee who believes in our mission. We are currently looking for 1-2 driven individuals to embark on a journey to make people's everyday life healthier, happier, and more productive.

As cliché as it sounds, we want to work with individuals with the following beliefs:

1) Truly believe that he/she CAN make this world a better place by doing the right thing.
2) Understand that honest work and perseverance are REQUIRED for a lasting, fulfilling success.

As far as area of expertise/experience goes, we need someone with experience in marketing who can think OUT OF BOX in getting people to believe and act upon an idea that will improve their quality of life.