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We run a company that buys and operates pharmacies in Canada and the US.

We developed the ultimate platform for pharmacy managers/owners, pharmacists, technicians, and interns. We built the site for ourselves because no other site was really filling the need in the market (and also to serve our own businesses).

Very generally, the site has pharmacy job listings, classifieds, inventory trading, and a bunch of other features. We think our platform is 10x better than other profitable businesses in the space, and we also have a very fast way to market the business to potential users. There is a clear opportunity to add a bolt-on specialty head-hunting division. This could include charging the candidates for certification (nobody does this and everybody should). There is also a clear opportunity for niche marketers with big advertising budgets (The CEOs of these companies take my calls as I am a client -- and when one gets on, the others will follow). We even filmed videos for many of the English speaking countries in the world. I am attaching the Canada video, but we also have US, Australia, South Africa, etc.

After we developed the site (which took a year), we got so busy with our core business that we never did anything with it. The site is just sitting there waiting for a leader to realize its potential.

What we are looking for is a CEO who sees the potential in this and will work tirelessly to grow it. This is one of those situations where the business can be as great as it's leader wants to be. There is no reason the platform cannot be expanded elsewhere in the heathcare universe, and we currently operate in several branches of this (mostly physician recruitment and clinic management).

We are looking for somebody who can drive this ship with as little involvement from us as possible. We will work out a way to incentivize you for doing so, but this will not involve any base salary. There is really no need to raise much money at this point. You just need to hustle to get a few advertisers and once you do we can charge a modest amount.