Aaron Bodmer

Orlando, Florida, US

Aaron's Skills
Product Management

About Aaron

I've worked for a number of years as a jack-of-all-trades in IT, doing everything from systems administration, database development and administration, to front- and back-end software development. By day I'm a developer with Windows and SQL Server; by night, Linux, Node.js, Google Go, and PostgreSQL. I'm playing with Cassandra (NoSQL) but have been too busy to dive deep as yet.

I am interested in forming a team for a venture in retail. The core concept is providing analytics and business intelligence services to retail businesses, to enable more complex direct offerings to the end customer than they can currently offer. Obviously, that's a very 10,000' view of it, but broadly speaking, the idea can be described that way.

I have drafted a business plan, planned out the IT end of things somewhat, and think I would benefit from both a mentor, and a partner with experience in marketing services to large retail establishments. Last, of course, there are probably gaps in my knowledge I'm not even aware of.

I'm open to discussions and just general networking.