Aaron Jun

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Aaron's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Aaron

I am already going full-time on this project. I've built out an interactable wireframe and am collecting customer feedback on it, with the aim of hitting 100 responses by the end of December. I'm also running advertising campaigns on a small and targeted fashion to vet high-level interest in the idea at a larger scale; early responses indicate strong interest. The goal is to launch closed alpha testing by March, and a beta test by June. If you are interested in helping us get over the start line with a strong, lean, and mean beta product; if you are interested in addressing a big consumer market; and if you are interested in having a hell of a good time...well, I'm interested in meeting ya!

About me: Over the past four years, I've run user acquisition campaigns for all manner of clients, from fledgling startups (like mine!) and the largest brands in gaming and mobile. I've proposed, pitched, and closed multimillion dollar deals and produced win-win outcomes for both my team and my clients, and I've been able to negotiate hard during times of time- and revenue-induced pressure. I worked last year in London, managing a team and our biggest international accounts, and produced strong results across the board.

I have a strong sense now, after having run dozens and dozens of campaigns for all manner of apps, of what works and doesn't in the market, and how good, solid user growth is done. I am looking for a tech cofounder who is competitive, communicative, kickass, and has a good sense of humor.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you (and it really should), let's meet for a coffee or a beer and chat.