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Aaron Rovenger

Business Developer, Programmer

Austin, Texas, US


About Aaron

My background in sales may compliment my experience as a web developer perfectly, enabling me to be an optimal tech recruiter. I have experience sourcing many different individual coders, IT Professionals and operations managers on a national scale, ranging over different technologies. From bleeding edge to legacy, I have been working with great technology for the past 16 years.

I genuinely enjoy what I do, and my career trajectory provides validation.

I am looking for a unique individual that can demonstrate commitment to a viable model with monetization built into the throughput. in other words, not a startup that gets traction and then needs to answer the tough questions of how to make money. I believe in innovation but not re-inventing the wheel. Also I am a big believer of knowing strengths and weaknesses, and defining these on a quantifiable scale. limitations are not always bad.