Aaron Stronge

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Aaron's Skills
Product Management

About Aaron

Hi there! I'm a product manager and attorney interested in developing disruptive technologies in the legal space. The legal industry, typically incredibly slow to adopt new technologies and processes, is starting to come around to the idea of adopting software solutions to increase efficiencies as the current law firm business model becomes increasingly unsustainable. Corporate and higher education legal departments are showing the way here and are already much more open to innovation.

I have been working on a piece of software on and off for the last few years that has the potential to be impactful on an area of legal practice that Is particularly antiquated. I am looking for a cofounder to help me finish the minimum viable product version of the software and get it out there. The short of it is that although I am technical and can code, I'm also very slow at it, and someone who actually knows what they are doing could probably knock the rest of this out fairly quickly. I am, however, not just interested in someone to complete the code, but rather a true cofounder and partner in this venture.

Thanks for reading! If you're interested, let's meet up and discuss over a coffee or beer.