Aaron Wells

Programming, Business Development, Design

Newport Beach, California, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Aaron

I would best describe myself as a very creative and humble person. My motivation for starting a business is a result of many different factors. Although I have been able to excel professionally, I've found the corporate world unfulfilling due to the concept of trading time for money. Furthermore, an inevitable lack of opportunity tends to lead to stagnation in one's efforts. I most feel alive when pursuing goals that lead to significant changes in health, career, education, or any other facet of life. I'm the type of person that will pull out all the stops to achieve my dreams but I've found it's most helpful with a partner on the same page. As Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." I believe who you associate with will greatly determine your potential for success. In a business partner, I seek someone that is 100% committed and can talk about our ideas and strategies with as much, or more, enthusiasm than their favorite football team.


University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business


2016 - 2016


Advanced Personal Training

Co-working Space

Blackstone Launchpad USC

2016 - 0