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About Aashay

Hey guys!
My name is Aashay and together with Rohiet, we are looking for a technical co founder. (coz we dunno shit bro!)

We have a startup called, 360 (prototype made). It's a social network that measures a collective opinion on all topics (hashtags). For that we have invented something called, Nano Blog!

So lets understand that with an example.

#brexit will have what we call, "attributes", like - Love, Anger, Forgive etc And we generate data on that in this form -

Love - 64% by 45% users
Anger - 72% by 75% users
Forgive - 36% by 63% users

Then we have another feature - Opine

Here you can give your opinion on any hashtag in two ways - For or Against.
These opinions are collated in a Karma Bar which tells you how many are

For #brexit and how many are Against it!

For - 73%
Against - 27%

You can record only one Opinion as you can be eaither For or Against something.
If you want to chat more then you can choose Discuss button and chat as much
as you want!

Now we need a lot of tech support in this as this dream is coming to fruition!
We require your support. Do consider this and ping me....

My number is 9833 64 21 46