Aashish Jagini

Product Management

New York, New York, US


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About Aashish

I'm a recent MBA Graduate, a Student Leader, and a customer obsessed entrepreneur who wants to build a product that can make a difference in the lives of people working on it and people using it. My first goal is not to make profit but is to make a product that can actually make things better, reduce stress, and increase productivity. I believe keeping my employees happy and making customers happy will indirectly help me build my bottom line.

I work as a Lead Business Analyst and I've been involved in a lot of projects in my life. I always see Project Managers not being able to do their job to the best due to various reasons and I want to fix that. Helping Project Managers do their job well will have a waterfall effect on all the other stake holders.

I'm in the process of meeting potential co-founders, and mentors who would like to work with me to make lives better.


Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. - Unknown


Aiming to Make the World More Productive & Happier


University of Missouri


2014 - 2016


Bachelors in Technology

2007 - 2011