Abbad Ashraf

Chicago, Illinois, US

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Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Abbad

The market is uneducated about me. I have no reputation in the industry so anyone can say I'm garbage. I invested my young years to entrepreneurship so I can collect the dividends in my old age. I'm looking to help the cause of social mobility. My business is to beat the competitors to set the next standard. My goal is to use reverse psychology and engineering to reduce development time and enable development opportunity. I have an idea in a well known industry sector, fitness. It's a well understood marketplace in the app and M-commerce sector of the industry. It has a broad range of expansion paths.I have gathered intense domain knowledge of my target market in the fitness field to differentiate my fitness app for the end user. The most important impact of my product is to the end user. That's most important to create an app that people would use to help with their obesity. You can help me in being humble in partnership. I want to form strategic alliances by turning into an activist or be a passive investor. I promise you I will do my best as a leader with good negotiation skills to get solid deals and ROI for my investors.