Abe Bernikier

Lakewood, Colorado, US

Abe's Skills
Business Development

About Abe

I am looking to connect with people and possibly join to create success. I call myself a "business consultant" simply because I have the ability and necessary talents to help people make their ideas and plans come to reality.

My two strongest qualities are:
1. If I have a task at hand, no matter how hard and how many obstacles, nothing will stop me from getting there. Failure comes from the unwillingness to improvise and figure out a more viable route to accomplish the task at hand.
2. There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Meaning, no matter how important or positive a desired result is, if the path is "wrong" then I need to improvise. Because I won't do the wrong thing even if it's for the right reason.

My Qualifications:

- Accomplished and integrity driven professional with over 8 years of experience in business development and management.
- Possesses strong interpersonal, analytical, and problem solving skills. Ability to think "out of the box" in order to resolve challenging situations.
- Demonstrates strengths in media & client relationships; Task management across multiple functions including: purchasing, marketing, sales, and finance.

Areas of Expertise

ï‚Ÿ Strategic Marketing and Sales
ï‚Ÿ Financial Management and Reporting
ï‚Ÿ Effective Negotiation Skills
ï‚Ÿ Analytical Problem Solving Abilities
ï‚Ÿ Client Relationship Development
ï‚Ÿ Team Building and Leadership
ï‚Ÿ Building Effective Media Relationships
ï‚Ÿ Unique, Literate and Talented Writing Expertise
ï‚Ÿ Exceptional interpersonal skills; Handles sensitive matters with tact, poise, and diplomacy.


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