Abe Massry

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, US

Abe's Skills
Product Management

About Abe

I am looking for a cofounder to help popularize my webapps, I have built several websites/webapps from idea to functional product, I need a cofounder that can get the word out and get users engaged. I'm looking for someone who really enjoys doing this and is in it for the long term. My websites are http://1stvote.com, https://truefriender.com, http://mashrd.com, http://codestagram.com, and https://wsend.net

Right now my technology stack is based on node.js

I am also open to working on other sites or ideas and if you think you have something run it by me and I'll let you know if I'm interested in developing it with you.

I am also open to working with another developer on either their project or mine, because there is enough work to be done for two people. I also believe that two projects can come together and be grown organically.