Abhi Sivasailam

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Abhi's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Abhi

I offer strong consulting, strategy, marketing, data analysis, and business development skills. I am open to working with people of a variety of skill-sets - and can get behind anyone with a good idea, and a lot of passion. Given my skill set, complementary skills in programming and financial management would be particularly valuable.

In my day job, I provide statistical, economic, strategy, and IT consulting. I am also involved with non-profit and academic policy research, and help define the strategy for several statewide political campaigns.

I am interested in exploring and investing in any and all inspiring ideas, whether they are mine or not. I am interested in exploring some ideas I have on platforms for the real estate rental market, for the electoral market, and for the expanding market for medical and recreational marijuana. I would love to discuss these with any one whose interest is piqued, and would love to hear your ideas as well.