Abhinav Mittal

Bengaluru, India

Abhinav's Skills
Product Management

About Abhinav

Abhinav Mittal
CEO and Founder
• B-Tech CSE graduate from the prestigious VIT University, Vellore
• Worked in 2 startups before - EnglishLeap and Meradata
• Corporate experience of 1 year in Accenture
• Exceptional quality of "thinking out-of-the-box"

I always like to work on creating value and Travel Jar (www.traveljar.in) is one of that. It is a unique concept and a challenging one too.

Travel Jar helps you, your friends to capture all wonderful moments during a journey by converting it in a very beautiful and pleasant Short Story - telling Video so that you can share and relive those moments forever!
A 2-3 minute video of your journey having various elements including your pictures, videos, places you visited, people you met, moments that you shared, how you travelled - flight, bus, train etc. in a chronological order.