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About abhishek

About me:

A person with varied interests. I like to travel, read, write, learn, explore, listen and ideate. I am very open to ideas, people, suggestions, criticism and currently trying to find a purpose in my life. I am currently diving deep into meditation and exploring the self. Talk to me and I am sure I will reveal myself more. :)

People I am looking for:

I am looking for passionate people who are not just looking to earn money, but do something meaningful and beyond the vicious circle of earning a living. I am looking for people who want to change status quo, bring a disastrous change and strive to find meaning and purpose of their life. I want to work people who can spiritually connect themselves with work and work not because they have to, but because they love what they are doing. I want people that can crush their egos, crush their images and work with rigour. Why? Because that is what I can give you guys. I want people who can work as a unit and strive for innovation and doing new things in a new way.