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Abhishek Tiwari


Palo Alto, California, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Abhishek

I have a diverse experience that ranges from: building services for a major public cloud, architecting massive scalable architecture for e-commerce websites @ 5 million UV / month, bio-technology research / analytics, big data - developing platform and tools for largest Hadoop deployment at the time (40,000 nodes) and NLP research - high availability / UIMA pipeline development.
Apart from that, personally, I can be found doing random stuffs like algo contests (TopCoder and else-where) / hackathons. I was also an active freelancer during my college days - which was good fun!

I am looking to partner with a like minded engineer (with similar or different background) and / or a business person who has exciting ideas and wants to take them forward seriously. While I cannot commit 80%-100% time, I can definitely target for significant contribution.

Please feel free to ping me. At the very least I will be excited to meet-up a budding entrepreneur :)