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I am building up a social enterprise which touches eCommerce, education and micro-finance industries in which we will be building a couple of technology platforms interfacing with each other. The concept is simple but unique, having some investor traction already. The business plan and growth strategy is put in place after conducting a thorough market research, experimentation and piloting the methods and means.
At this point, we are building our core management team and looking for an enthusiastic technical Co-Founder (internet, full-stack development, product management, aws/cloud architecture). While initially requiring to develop the solution / prototype with your own hands, you will be assuming the role of the CTO / VP Engineering as we get funded and grow. We will be looking for a person with a passion towards technology and an attitude of serving for the greater good. Someone who understands that social goals and for-profit goals are not mutually exclusive.

Few words about me: a person with multi-disciplinary skill set emanating from 21 years of experience in IT, Internet Services, Retail Management and Training with a strong entrepreneurial drive. I have worked with many Fortune 500 clients in various locations across Silicon Valley, Southern California, Texas, Europe, Australia and India. Apart from my work, the primary inspiration for the social enterprise stems from my father who was relentlessly working for the betterment of micro-entrepreneurs in rural areas. Injecting my experience to the cause along with my passion towards education and training, this unique model of the social enterprise was conceived. The primary value of the enterprise is to put relationships before business, and profits will follow. I strongly believe that if we provide value and what is needed, we won't have a hard time getting paid.