Seattle, Washington, US

Adam's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Adam

I am an entrepreneur who enjoys taking a concept and turning it into a a functional and profitable product. I know that all successful products start with a dynamic and diverse team. I am looking for experienced business developers and marketers who are serious about building and launching a product. I specialize in cloud applications and am well versed in all the latest web based technologies. I know from experience that a positive attitude is a must as optimism is necessary to get through the ups and downs of any new business venture.

As the Principal of Bilberrry Web Development and Design (, I know what it takes to successfully launch a product. In 2013 I worked with 3 different companies to help them successfully build and launch their startups. I am also the founder of, a web-based project management and collaboration tool which helps team streamline their workflow and empower productivity.