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If we could improve our system we live in that would be useful. Every day I can see this project is needed. I have spent well over the average amount of hours and visited beyond normal amount of places in the British healthcare system since 2009. It can easily work better! I know few people in the industry and know what potential customer need.

At the moment I am looking for a programmer (you?) who is prepared to risk the time and have experience in all aspects of creating software and its implementation. Who would be prepared for emergency situations and frequent conferences if situation will need that. If you are prepared to make that project your main one after the success of initial phase please join me. It would be best if you would be located in the United Kingdom.

I will give you my whole support in the creation process and take care of every other aspect of our project. If You are sure that You have as much experience as I am sure about mine please keep in touch.

Why shall we not have a meet up on skype!

Waiting for your queries,


ps. In a spare time I quite enjoy obstacle races in case you wonder why I have mud on my face.