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Adam Alter

Account Executive//Programmatic Evangelist at Google

Kings County, United States
Startup stage
Marketing, Business Development, Product Management, Sales, Fundraising
My experience lies in online direct response marketing and user acquisition. Epic/Azoogle was an online direct response network. We acted as an intermediary between direct response advertisers (e.g. Netflix, Groupon, companies looking to acquire users/customers) and publishers (entities that drive traffic in any way). I worked mainly on the publisher side but also grew relationships with advertisers very successfully. I rose through the ranks and in my last role with Epic I moved to London to lead a team. The office reached all-time highs under my leadership. After leaving Epic in July of 2011 and returning to Manhattan, I have been working on my own; I've been advising a few startups on marketing, creating some arbitrage-focused advertising campaigns while working extensively with a developer to create my own custom tracking/analytics/adserving platform, helping an old client raise funds for his startup from a PE firm, brainstorming, and networking.

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