Adam Brown

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Adam's Skills
Product Management

About Adam

What I've worked on

I've worked for big companies (8,000+ engineers at Google) to tiny companies (four founders at Higgle), and all sorts of sized in between. I've worked on high-performance, high-load backend systems (tens of millions of events per day with over 1 billion updates) at Amazon to rich, fat-client UIs in Flash/Flex at Shutterfly. My goal with every position is to learn something new to such an extant that I become the local expert that others seek out, from Java & HTTP/1.1 spec at Limelight to Groovy and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) at The 41st Parameter.

What I'm looking to do next

Big problems intrigue me. Although I dislike the term Big Data (as the latest term du jour), that is the problem space I enjoy most. I want to design and build systems that scale from a small beginning to giant proportions, all while ensuring that they are efficient and performant. I want to go to work everyday knowing that the people around me are the best at what they do, and they yearn to share with and learn from the rest of the team, so that everyone grows stronger and more valuable.