Adam Brunn

Austin, Texas, US

Adam's Skills
Product Management

About Adam

Hi, I'm Adam. I am a self taught Software Developer of 7 years. I started programming when I was 12 years old, making mod tools for xbox 360 save files, some of which had 5,000 downloads at the time. Being immensely resourceful and intuitive is my greatest skillset. Give me a problem and I can solve it. While my strongest area of expertise is in software development, I am capable and have proven my ability to learn and deliver what it takes to do any task that is thrown at me. My most recent work was in research for the UT Dallas Hyperloop Team. I was the CS lead through stage 1 and 2 and help drive the team into the third and final stage. The competition is ongoing and the Hyperloop pod will go an estimated 200 mph over a 1 mile track.
My ideal business partner is would be a team player. They would preferably have some sort of technical background as well. I like to work in a collabrative environment, where pair programming is encouraged, because I believe it creates better products. Transparency is key in a startup if you want it to be successful, even if time are going rough. The greatest perk my cofounder could have is the ability to adapt and learn as the business inevitably shifts its needs.