Adam Carbone

Middleborough, Massachusetts, US

Adam's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Adam

In my years in the industry working both with start-ups and inside larger corporations I have found that my niche is helping an organization in their growth phase, either from scratch or with a introduction of a new product or service. There are problems and design considerations that are unique to that stage of development. I enjoy the challenges and rewards provided by that environment.

Several years ago my wife and I started a business investing in real estate, we had some moderate successes. She is still a successful Realtor in the Quincy market. As for me it made me realize that I have a passion for business and I really want to strike out on my own. I have a great idea that will help people live longer healthier lives. I'm also open hearing what your idea is, maybe the best idea is still out there or some combination between our ideas.

I have a passion for computers and development, and I would like to work on something that is leaving a positive impact on the world. The greatest asset I have acquired working as an Engineer for the last 15 years is the ability to provide a common bridge between the engineers, customers and executives. I am looking to start/find an organization that's vision is aligned with my entrepreneurial spirit and personal values.