Adam Darrow

Baltimore, Maryland, US

Business Analyst by day; stress coach
Adam's Skills
Agile Project Management
Project Management
Business Analysis

About Adam

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2000. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory did the trick for a while, but eventually I needed Prednisone. Not fond of the potential side effects, I turned to acupuncture and it worked. But I would continue flaring up and needing treatment for several years until I realized stress was the main trigger – mainly working too much and not getting enough rest.

I came up with a warning system that measures and tracks your daily cumulative stress level, and over time also identifies the stress level when you generally become symptomatic (what I call your stress threshold). This way you know, roughly, how close you are to triggering symptoms on any given day. I started seeing results almost immediately. There was a noticeable decrease in the frequency & severity of my flares, and because I wasn’t being distracted by that, I became more focused than ever on my goals. By the way, I haven’t had a major flare since 2007, and I haven't taken meds in years.

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Business analyst by day – intermediate SQL (left joins, sub queries, case statements, rank/partition, etc.); strong testing skills; expert in Excel.