adam engle

Nashville, Tennessee, US

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Product Management

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Everyday businesses and leaders come up with ideas that can change, enhance and accelerate an industry providing tremendous benefits to customers. The domain knowledge, expertise and experience of these individuals allows them to be in the right position to lead the charge for solving problems and creating solutions.

Moreover, turning that idea into reality involves a bigger team with wider skills sets. More and more these solutions require the design and development of some type of software application, strategic implementation, and recurring business model. In other words, the ideas require a technology enabled solution, knowledge of how to match the market with the solution and a deep understanding of the industry they will be serving.

As a result, Ideation looks to cofound new companies with domain experts. We believe in investing in these individuals because impactfull companies are often built by founders who have a deep industry knowledge--whether technical or not. The domain experts are the product evangelist and it’s our job to equip them to do this.