Adam Jake Steinberg

Chicago, Illinois, US

Adam Jake's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Adam Jake

I'm looking for a co-founder at about the same stage as myself. I've been networking, reading and training hard for about a year in preparing to dive into a startup.

I am adept at copywriting, growth marketing, general business admin work, management, sales. Someone who has skills to compliment (supplement) my own is ideal: Developers, designers, legal people, sales people - you are needed.

I am looking for to join or co-found an early startup in a role that utilizes my above-listed skills or as an 'expediter' or admin manager generalist.

I am based on the Northside of Chicago.

PM for LinkedIn, Twitter and all other social goodness.

My past experience includes leadership roles in: Real Estate, TV/Film production, news media, Customer Experience / Marketing / Copywriting, etc.


Excelsior College

Communications / Journalism

2010 - 2010


Licensed Real Estate Broker