Adam Lalonde

Montreal, Canada

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Adam

I co-own a music store/pro recording studio and am a recording engineer. I require a software developer to help me create a basic midi plug-in tool for recording bagpipes. I have high quality recordings of bagpipe sounds by pro pipers that I would like to translate into midi format for use with electronic bagpipes (and any sound modulator). Essentially, this means a musician could play a key on a keyboard and make an authentic bagpipe sound. There are thousands of pre-recorded sounds utilized by keyboards, recording software, etc world-wide, but there is a paucity for authentic bagpipe sounds for use in these types of devices.

I have the recorded sounds, the recording products, and the connections to market this product. I however lack the programming know-how to make it work as a midi plug-in with recording software like Logic, Cubase etc.

There is a market for this software that is currently only served by a program called "Studio Piper" that requires extensive third party software to function. A more standalone plug-in would be useful to any studio that records bagpipes.

I am thus looking for someone with programming experience in sound engineering and recording to develop a new product to firstly meet the needs of anyone recording bagpipes for proof of concept, and later for licensure to mass market keyboards and software.