Adam McCann

London, United Kingdom

Founded/sold a media co, looking for opportunities
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About Adam

I'm an entrepreneur with experience in the online media industry, and interest in almost any industry with a problem to solve. I have a multidisciplinary skill-set, a passion for building things, and am fiercely driven.

My previous startup was an award-winning publisher of gaming websites, including the flagship

Shortly after starting the company whilst at University, I established a lucrative contract with Virgin Media, raised seed funding, and built a unique publishing platform, website, CRM system and the infrastructure it ran on. Alongside this, I established the company's brand and industry presence, built up sales, and over time recruited a talented team of writers, developers, and salespeople. grew to over 3 million unique users monthly, generating in excess of £100k profits annually, and was sold for cash and stock to a Swedish publishing company.

I joined that company as a director and shareholder, and developed a vastly improved cloud-based API-driven platform to power the company's websites. After several unsolicited offers to buy Pro-G Media, I negotiated the sale of the company for a second time. The sale closed in March 2017.

I want to do it again - this time with my added experience. I am always learning and looking for opportunities, and would love to join a founder that has discovered a genuine big problem (in almost any industry) with a big upside if a solution can be found and executed well.

My strengths lie in business development, product management/UX, problem solving, full-stack software development (several languages & platforms), physical & cloud infrastructure, and project management (Predominantly RAD/Agile).

Contact me on here or at adam [at] mccann [dot] io


"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose" - Steve Jobs


University of Brighton

Software Engineering (BSc)

2001 - 2005