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I've helped make a number of people millionaires. I'd like to do it a few more times.

Washington, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Fundraising, Operations
Only about one in every two dozen people I meet are really willing to do what it takes to get from good to great in what they do. I work with these folks, who, like me, are convinced that their success will make the world a better place. Together we uncover the hidden waste and real value in their business, get unstuck and ensure they achieve more, work less and celebrate often. When you look back on your success you realize that it often has been little bits that you didn’t anticipate contributed by the members of the team you had the foresight to assemble and work hard with to get that success. It’s clear that without those little bits, you would not have been successful or had the impact that you’ve had. You’re the best at what you do. Still, you know that nothing great gets done by one alone. You know that you have to rely on a great teammate. I want to be that teammate for your next success. Let’s have a conversation about why the best thing for you is me. I’ve learned in three decades in business what it takes to be successful…and more importantly, how to ensure it can happen for you. The folks I’ve helped make millions will tell you that I was that teammate for them. That, besides the best in professional performance development, I brought whatever differentiating little bit was needed to complete the success of the mission, product or project. Sometimes it was sales or marketing savvy. Sometimes it was systems thinking and the kind of strategy that avoids unintended consequences and delivers superlative results. My 10,000 hours (and then some) have been spent helping people make useful sense of complex systems in technology and organizations. Leveraging the art of the possible in IT, the proven in business management and the innovative practice of an intrepid sea captain and creative musician; I’ve partnered with clients to provide dramatic increase in financial performance, management effectiveness, customer fanaticism and growth. A proven record as a skilled public speaker, an authority in Information Technology, and an excellent facilitator allows me to build self-sustaining teams and grow revenues while improving alignment of strategy, processes and people all focused on the customer. Together we will get results quickly and consistently, find new ideas to complement my entrepreneurial experience and an instinct for what will sell, inspire others to top performance, open new markets, improve profits and enhance our corporate image. I’m also one of the authors of A Common Sense Approach to Sustainability. (ISBN 978-0-615-11139-1) Let’s partner to chart and sail the right course. I'm fascinated in what's important for you and wonder how cool it would be for us to work together at getting better at it.

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