Adam Sherbell

New York, New York, US

Adam's Skills
Product Management

About Adam

I am currently working as a freelance Art Director/Designer in advertising. I am primarily a creative, meaning I can product concept, design, write, do UX/UI, and help with marketing and sales. I try attend every tech meetup and hackathon I can find or make time for so I'm pretty into the whole NY tech scene. I am most interested in mobile social apps or interactive web products though I'm open to hearing about anything good. I have several ideas of my own, some smaller ideas, some more ambitious, a couple of which I already have designs for but I am ultimately looking to work on an idea that I believe in and am excited about, be it my own or someone else's, and work with people I believe in and trust. If you're a good person, with ideas either of your own or to contribute to mine, are open minded and willing to commit the time to build something real, please don't hesitate to reach out. It's almost always worth having a quick drink and getting to know each other a little to see if there is some common ground.