Adeel Bajwa

San Ramon, California, US

Adeel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Adeel

It's Silicon Valley and everyone has an idea (s). In my opinion, an idea matters less than a strong team. My goal is to build/join a strong team, together we can hash out ideas and/or work on some strong ones that invoke passion. After some initial work, I'd like to apply to an incubator (as a team, preferably Y Comb) and go from there. I am passionate about ideas/technology that are interested in shaping/changing the future. My strengths include leadership and sales. I have solid experience working in startups and have also had the good fortune of being a first-hand witness to some of their biggest mistakes and reasons for failure. I'm also open to joining an existing team, if I'm able to feel passionate about your business idea. That's all that matters in my opinion- with passion, you can overcome odds and persevere. While skills are important, they can be easily acquired/outsourced in today's world. I think if you really believe in something strongly first, everything else follows.

This is my first on here, so I am a little skeptical because you can't really get a grasp of a person's passion, work ethic, and who they really are from a mere 'interests and skills' checklist which is what the profiles here seem like.