Adeniyi Adetola

London, United Kingdom

Adeniyi's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Adeniyi

I'm 27 years old well-rounded web designer/programmer and a budding entrepreneur looking for a business partner to create synergy and expand our networks for building a thriving digital agency specialising in high performance websites, web and mobile applications / software for Startups, SMEs and blue chip companies, something that I have been running on solo effort for the past 5 years.

I live in London so would prefer someone within 100 miles radius. My business is registered in the UK, I don't mind merging our brands or co-founding a new startup. I would prefer working together for some time before creating legal structure or formalising our business relationship - at least until we know the value each person is bringing to the table.

I am versed in web development technologies and even have a SaaS business web application which is growing steadily. I have a very good design and programming background, so would prefer someone that can complement my technical and business skills with some experience as professional in web industry.

Foremost I am looking for someone with equal-level appreciation of the co-founder’s “art”, who can be trusted (camaraderie), hardworking, accountable and vision-driven like myself. Some of the finest technology companies in the world today are a partnership between two people who share similar vision and interest. The model of the kind of business relationship that I'm looking for is that which exist between some of the best successful co-founders of all time e.g. "Google: Larry Page and Sergey Brin", "Apple: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak", "Microsoft: Bill Gates and Paul Allen", "Twitter: Evan Williams and Biz Stone"... you get the gist!

We should be able to think better ideas, create better products and execute better.


University of Westminster of London

PhD Innovation Mgt.

2016 - 2016

University of Westminster of London

MSc Digital Enterprise Mgt.

2011 - 2011

University of Greenwich

BSc Computing

2009 - 2009