Aditya Gupta

Hyderabad, India

ISB/IIT-R - Building Mkt Research Startup | Looking for Data Scientists
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Product Strategy
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About Aditya


I did my computer science from IIT Roorkee, and worked at Goldman Sachs for 4 years in a mix of finance and technology role. I am doing my MBA at ISB. I am currently building a technology driven marketing research startup for retail sector that can bury old consumer surveys deep in the ground. I am looking for Co-Founder with in-depth experience in Machine Learning for the same. The product will require you to take lead on data sourcing as well as ML driven analysis. I need someone who has a passion for making large impact, has patience, perseverance and most importantly are willing to spend at least 40 hrs a week, as much as I am. Ideally you would be someone who is open to working on ambiguous problems and are a zealous problem solver at heart. For us to connect, you need 3 things for sure - Strong machine learning experience, Strong work ethic and Time management


Rigor, Rigor and Rigor, thats all that matters - Me

Work Experience


Goldman Sachs

June 2013 - February 2017


IIT Roorkee

B. Tech. Computer Science

2009 - 2013

ISB - Indian School of Business


2017 - 2018