Aditya Sikka

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Aditya's Skills
Product Management

About Aditya

I'm currently a Ross MBA student focusing on tech and strategy consulting industries while trying to startup my own firm while in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm a technology lover and wannabe geek. Whether its doing Udemy certifications on web development, or learning R for data mining, or just looking longingly at past dreams of building my own drone - technology is never far back in my mind. I've worked with leading ecommerce brands in the marketing and analytics functions these past 6 years (, etc.) - most recently heading the Analytics division of Travelocity's APAC arm. I now want to start my own/co-found a venture in the hi-tech/aero/ecommerce space. Ping me if you need to bounce off ideas or want an extra pair of hands or if you need any help with biz dev/marketing/data analytics!