Adrian Artiles

San Francisco, California, US

Adrian's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Adrian

I’m the founder of Kionin (, a San Francisco based company where we build startups. We’ve built companies like Hello List (, GitRep (, and PhoneScan ( all completely in house.

** Update **
I'm not currently looking for companies to incubate/partner with anymore. However I'm always interested in meeting interesting people doing intriguing things. If you're in SF and would like to connect, shoot me an email (adrian at!

Leaving the rest of this description up for posterity.

Now I’m looking to partner with other people to build profitable companies, and thought this would be a great place to find a cofounder!

Right now I’m looking for ventures that;
- can generate revenue within a few months,
- have some sort of traction (large email waiting list, businesses on board, paying customers, etc.. Basically some proof that it will generate revenue.),
- are not mobile apps (not our area of expertise yet)

I’m looking to work with people who;
- believe in bootstrapping first and generating a profit (versus just trying to raise funding to keep the lights on)
- are resourceful and hard working
- want to own being the industry expert and handling the initial marketing of startup to the target market
- are diving into learning everything there is to know about getting and growing initial traction for a startup

We have experience and can take care of practically everything. Think software development, design, UX, product management, legal, accounting & budgeting, and so on. That leaves you free to completely focus on two things; being an industry expert who identifies opportunities and marketing the startup through early stage growth.
Basically you’ll focus on identifying opportunities and driving as much business to the startup as possible, and Kionin will build it (and tackle other things that come up as needed).

Think of me and Kionin as more than just your technical cofounder, but as your experienced startup partner, with the goal of hitting profitability as soon as possible.

I'd love to meet! Introduce yourself by shooting me an email at adrian [at] kionin [dot][com] .