adrian curran

Boynton Beach, Florida, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About adrian

"In a web based world, I bring people together"

A former child actor, Adrian went on to own an event planning business in NYC for over 18 years. After exiting the private party world, he went on to become a Licensed Realtor for RE/MAX. Upon having a light bulb moment and realizing the high demand for social networking, he started Meet Me There Events and plans to see an MMT group in fifty cities in five years.

I am looking for Co-founders, partners and investors. Co-founders and partners who can offer; designing and maintenance of a very specific social networking site.Those who write code a plus. Experience in marketing and help with growth of membership. Investors for the early seed round that I have already started.

All filings, presentation, legal representation and process already in place. Could this be you, or maybe you know someone who would be interested? Please contact me for more details. Thank you for your time.

Adrian Curran


realtor license