Adrian McGee

Columbus, Ohio, US

Founded and CEO of DeFideli LLC, an e-commerce providing quality wooden-watches
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About Adrian

My name is Adrian and I am Bowling Green State University graduate. About a month ago, I launched a start-up called DeFideli Watches. DeFideli provides quality wood watches that are 100% natural and eco-friendly. I also partnered with a non-for-profit that gives a weeks worth of food to a child in need, every time a watch is sold.

I utilized my financial background to build the foundation of the organization, then self-learned everything from building a website, to product photos, to photoshop, all to launch. I am very knowledgeable in the financials and operations to get DeFideli going, but lack the marketing and advertising skills.

DeFideli is doing great but what I realized is that as I continue to grow, I will not be able to handle it alone. Also, my lack of marketing skills is preventing my business from reaching full capacity. I am looking for a partner who is looking to take over the marketing aspect of the business and invest in advertising. I have done everything so far and have invested heavily in inventory and everything needed to get DeFideli rolling. Hope this is the place where I can find a long term partner looking to elevate DeFideli to the next level!

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Bowling Green State University


2010 - 2014