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Hello i'm Jesse Moses aka JNHM
I'm an inventor, a fabricator, and theorist. I discovered The Fibonacci & JNHM Matrix grid

I'm a representative at the revolutionary startup Artificial Gravity or AG for short & we are Looking to add on some of our first very possibly lifetime long employees & Investors .

We have a fully functional prototype that has been working flawlessly for months that was put together by myself , machine shops and very little other help .
We also have Proof of Concept so we have surpassed the "Just an idea & Just a Theory" stages .

What is our Patent Pending Idea ? Well there are Many Things I cant Just Yet Tell You Unless you make the Cut for the Team we are trying to build .
But what i can tell you is , our business plan has us set to be a multi million dollar company the first year out , with Client Markets ranging from:
The Military
Professional Sports ( NBA , NFL , ect )
From the rich to anyone who can afford to pay a Monthly Charge for the services we provide .

I Guess you could think of us like the Tesla of the Fitness & Health world . We are going to be the very 1st to be introducing this very cool new technology to the world.

We believe our employee numbers should stay pretty low compared to a lot of other companies which will help our company save money .

Here's the plan: All employees joining now could get a small percentage of the company; maybe 3% to divide and share.
There will also be incentives for those who stay longer such as a $10,000 bonus for all team members with us at first sale.

We are currently thinking of adding about about 6 - 10 people Such as :

Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Media & Web Designers
Marketing Specialists
IP ( intellectual property ) / Law Attorneys
& last but not least someone to
Seek investors and handle business Finance & Accounting
We believe that all employees / team members should be able to Keep any IP , inventions or patents they create at AG ( but AG gets to use the invention / tech free of charge )

This team should be all we need to get investors to get behind us. Then, we can focus on the testing , and building full scale and Change the world while doing something we love.

What exactly do we need to do ?
-build the team
-Finalize the business plan with experts
-Blueprints, Testing and Full Scale Models ( most is thought out already )
-Get Funding / investors using the Business Plan and Blueprints
-Find our 1st customer ( mostly thought out already )
-Build testing rigs & Build Full Scale invention with funding
-Sell to our 1st Customer
-Pay ourselves , Smile , Relax , Do it Again

Please Join Us if you think your are a good fit
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