Agustin Pabon

Chicago, Illinois, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Agustin

My idea has been validated using the lean startup method, interviewing customers. This initial customer base is very big but is only the tip of the iceberg. The goal is to enter a very fragmented market from a different direction. B2B rather than B2C. I have years of business experience but so do a lot of people. I look at the way things are and always ask can they be done better? I am going to start learning to code (ruby on rails) as I have learned that the perfect CTO may be a long way off. (plus I don't have much to offer at this stage) This way I can start working on my solution until the right CTO comes along.

My reason for joining CoFoundersLab:

I applied to Ycombinator and am in need of a trial tech co-founder.

The problem(s): 1. I am an individual non tech founder. This virtually eliminates me from serious consideration. 2. I would not agree to partner with someone until we have a chance to work together under duress. (I don't believe in getting married until we live together first.)
Solution: I would like to add a tech co-founder to my application for Ycombinator to improve my/our chances of getting selected. Should we get selected I am free to use the money (120K) how I see fit. I can pay for your time and/or travel/living expenses to San Fran while we work together for 3 months. If all goes well we partner, if not you expanded your resume, had a free trip to San Fran and all the networking and growth opportunities that go along with such an adventure. The dead line to edit my application with a co-found is October 10th.


Agustin Pabon


Florida International University

BS Liberal Studies

2013 - 2013