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I have worked in the Logistics industry for several years. I Recently left Amazon and started my own company in the logistics/courier industry with two former Amazon colleagues. I have also been an area manager for firms sub-contracted out by the likes of Amazon, FedEx, DPD, Yodel, DHL etc. to carry out their Last Mile deliveries.
I have a business idea which has been inspired and shaped by my time in the courier industry. I have come across so many problems and pain points that provide excellent business opportunities to solve these issues. The industry is archaic in culture and lacking of technological innovation, its ripe for technological disruption in my observation.

Problem Example 1:
Delivery driver cannot locate address (houses in the sticks prefer names rather than house number, new postcode-satnav has not been updated, new house estate etc.) delivery driver calls customer to get direction, customer cannot always give tur for turn direction due driver being miles away as satnav has taken him off track. He calls his controller to get directions, controller Is dealing with other drivers having similar issues, driver if lucky gets direction within 30 minutes. Now he has wasted 30 minutes and still has to drive to the correct address which is miles away. He is carrying out an average parcel count of 170. Driver is now doing an average of 14-16 hour days, most of them quit within days or weeks of starting work, incredibly high labour turnover of (90% is very common). Our business model aims to eliminate wasted resources, inefficiencies, cut the % of parcels that don’t get delivered - meaning happier customers who get their parcels delivered on time & cut driver frustration and high labour turnover.

Other common pain points we want to solve include poor signal network areas (i.e. country side) where drivers are forced to deliver parcels manually- leads to a whole host of issues that has to be solved when driver gets back to the delivery station for debriefing. Sending courier drivers out on road without taking into account constantly changing traffic headaches like events, parades, sports tournaments, road works, major road closures etc. which could hamper driver’s ability to make deliveries on time due to road closures from these events the company did not take into account due to the inability of courier firms to deal with thousands of drivers going to thousands of different routes on a daily basis.

There are 1.8 million courier drivers in the UK and around 15 million parcels are delivered daily. It’s a huge market and our app technology can be scaled and used in the UK, USA, France, Japan – anywhere where parcels are delivered because we suspect the problems we want to solve are not just unique to the UK.
I would love for you to join us if you are looking to disrupt and innovate an industry dying for innovation. If you have any questions, please message me


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