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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Ahmed is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a life-long student of entrepreneurship and business operations. He believes in transforming opportunities and resources into economic goods globally within the scope and opportunity to alleviate poverty, create jobs and to make the world a better place to live. In business, he prefers to invest his time on execution rather than ideas.

Professionally he is dedicated to assisting businesses in mapping, process development and achieving growth through new initiatives and execution of the business plan, operations, and development programs. He has expertise in the area of sales tactics and sales force development. He is also specialized in the field of diabetes.

He began his career 2003 in the pharmaceuticals sales and marketing arena, playing an executive role in Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd; the largest pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh. Later he had started a leadership and business management role with a USA based largest medical device company; Medtronic Minimed and their local partner in 2008. He transitioned into the entrepreneurial in early 2010. He has since been instrumental in the launch of 3 companies related to healthcare and medical devices.

He married with Shehla Riaz Khan in 2008 and father of one 5 years (in 2017) old boy named Ahmed Ayaan. Ahmed Amin born on 15th June 1976 in a small town named Gouripur of Mymensingh district of Bangladesh. He grew up in a simple low-income family. His father named A. H. M. Abed served as a teacher in a college and passed away in 2005. His mother served in the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh Government and retired in 2011 and now living in the native town Gouripur. He learned of survival and realized the importance of family in his early age when he escaped home with his two cousins and eventually returned home at his age of 10. He faced several challenges, seen failures and experienced hard in his different parts of life.

When he is not glued to a computer screen, he likes to spend his time with his son and making small toys and electronics for his son and nursing some home plants. He also spends time on brainstorming sales, business strategies, processes and love connecting with like-minded people.

Currently, he is focusing to launch another US-based medical device and healthcare products manufacturing and distribution company AXYTA INC. This new venture is now in early-stage. For this new venture, he is actively looking for highly COMMITTED Co-Founders, Directors, and Investors.

At this stage, if you are currently living in the US and have 1-2 (may vary in the future) hours per week in a remote setting to invest your sweat equity with a strong commitment in the long-run then you can reach him by his email: ahmed@dermitec.com to be a part of the success story.


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." - Chinese Proverb

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