Ahmed Kalbani


Muscat, Oman


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About Ahmed

I've recently returned back to Oman after finishing my studies in Melbourne Australia. I did my bachelors in Telecommunication and a PhD in Electrical Engineering 2011 and 2015 respectively. I majored in circuit design, computer science and electromagnetic Theory. I started working with Ernst & Young (EY) as a consultant late 2015, but then moved to British Petroleum (BP) as a project Engineer, few months ago.

I am passionate about technology especially in Virtual Reality and biomedical applications. I worked on various research and side projects while I was back in Melbourne. Few of the projects were wearable & wireless technologies and smart devices. Since my return back to Oman I got occupied with (re)-settling. I've been working on re-building my network and re-igniting my passion for research and development.

I am trying to find like-minded, passionate and persistent individuals to partner and collaborate in a new venture. I have few ideas for smart and wearable tech, but I am also open to other opportunities. I would love to discuss this further over a cup of coffee sometime this week.


A passionate technology enthusiast


Monash University

PhD in Electrical Engineering

2011 - 2015

Monash University

Bachelors of Telecommunications

2007 - 2010