Ahmed's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ahmed

Entrepreneur, Engineering background, 2 previous startups and tech savvy.

Hi, I’m Mazen, founder of a SaaS startup offers an online video curation service that helps influencers and subject matter experts to monetize their social media followers and build video communities based on videos already on YouTube and Facebook.

The product is live and have a decent number of paying customers on monthly subscription basis.

During the last year, I technically developed the platform, implemented some digital marketing, handling customer support, getting feedback from customers, building new features and doing market research and competition analysis.

It’s a lot of tasks to be handled by a single founder, but it works. The result is awesome, the product started to change people life. I have customers who are generating their living through the platform.

So, why I’m here?

I’m looking for a cofounder who is bringing things to the table, i.e.: qualifications, passion and time. Ideally someone who is a growth hacker with some business experience, knowledge of grands/investors and a tech savvy founder would be preferred.

Get in touch if you think you're a fit and we can have a chat. Cheers!