Ahmet Oztan

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Ahmet's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ahmet

Hi, My name is ahmet Oztan. I'm a software/Test Engineer with 20 years experience in Software development. At the moment I'm working on a Mobile APP Who checks the ingredients of a foodproduct after you give the barcode of the product: Scan It and You know It: This is OK, NOT OK or doubtful. The big problem with analyzing products with a barcode is that there is no information about the product included in the barcode. With help of (Big)Data & Cloud solutions now I'm able to detect not only which product is scanned with the SMART PHONE but also I can tell you if the product you scanned is suitable for consumption by you the consumer. So My App has the goal to connect Millions of products World Wide with Millions of people also World Wide. The user gives her/his profile and we search the product in our database and OUTSIDE and tell the consumer if it is suitable for his/her consumption. This is not an easy project, it took 6 years of part-time preperation to solve this issue. At the moment I have a prototype where I can show you how I can determine if a foodproduct is suitable for you (or not). Lot of my predecessors didn't succeed because they don't use the modern technology, i'm using to solve this issue. I belive that we can together solve the Issue "What are we eating" if we can build a team with people with different skills. I'm self a technical engineer, I know also people who want to collaborate with me and they have knowledge about Food & food ingredients. At the moment I'm Ready to setup the company with a co-founder. I need a co-founder on advise to bring the APP within couple of months to the market. To first goal is to bring a HALAL APP in 5 languages: TR,EN,GE,NL&FR. The APP will be as soon as posible available in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, France and USA. In a later stage I want develop different APP's for different purposes like APP for people with allegy or Vegetarians. The main goal will be replacement of PAPER LOG's by Electronic ones. Paper logo's are placed by the producer and they are difficult to check if they are representing the content of the product. I belive that we have to use electronic logo's, so we will be able to follow each product individually and let the consumer check if a food product fulfills the wish of the individual consumer. This is only possible with BIGDATA & CLOUD solutions which I will provide the consumer worldwide. The app is build with a crossplatform developmet tool and will be available for IPHONE,Android & WINDOWS. I belive also that this APP will change the production proces of several foodproducts. In the future the producer will get direct feedback from the consumer if the consumers scans the product before consuming it. So,products that do not meet the expectations will be banned.