Aji Abraham


Chicago, Illinois, US

Proven Tech Cofounder, open to new ventures
Aji's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Aji

I am a techie/developer who has been involved in creating few startups. Few of them I cofounded. Few I was involved in the technical role. My key strength is in creating web/social applications that can scale and grow. Pretty strong in PHP. Familiar with most MVC frameworks. In my day job, I own a small development shop (CodeVentures.com) with few developers. All are strong in PHP. Worked with most frameworks like Zend, cakePHP, Yii, Drupal and Magento. With solid mobile app experience too. My team and I can develop any mobile/web/social platform that is needed.

I am looking to meet cofounders , preferably within Chicago area , who can manage the business side of the startups. I can develop it if you can sell. I love building cool things. So if you have an interesting idea and you are willing to work hard on it, let's talk.

I have few of partially cooked projects that can use a business type cofounder. One is called a social defender, a social media monitoring platform. Another one is Ravox.com , which is a social commerce platform allowing users to create facebook fanpage storefront and mobile store. Merchants can sell through a distributed social marketplace.

I am open to work on my ideas or yours if you have a good one on an equity basis.

Social Defender ( www.socialdefender.com) is a social media reputation management platform for businesses and agencies. This platform allows users to monitor multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, G+, blogs and forums. Social Defender presents users with the ability to view social media activity and moderate messages in real time from a single login. Based on a proprietary algorithm, the platform spiders social media accounts to sort incoming messages and updates, giving users a productive way to manage all social media accounts simultaneously.

Since the beta version of Social Defender was released, it has acquired over 1000 free customers. We are currently fine-tuning the algorithm and platform.

Ravox has more than 1500 merchants signed up and created facebook stores in the last few months.

Right now Socialdefender and Ravox are self-funded and zero marketing budget. We can operate it that way for few more months. After few months, we need to raise external funding for scaling up and marketing.

We are now looking for a Co-Founder to manage sales and marketing aspects of the business in order to take it to the next level. We are a development company and have the technical aspects of the business covered.

If this sounds interesting, please let me know why you would make great co-founder for either SocialDefender or Ravox.

We recently started an Incubator where my team and I act as the Tech Cofounders for startups called CodeVentures.com for equity terms


Arizona State University

MS in Computer Science

1998 - 1998