Akarsh Ghale

Hyderabad, India

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Hi all,
Imagine you have an idea that you think is worth and helpful to others but not able to find a good place to share and start, you may be helpless or you may not get much supporters? Bad, right? There may be millions like you who are just dreaming of turning their ideas into reality. To stop this I have thought of making a website. This website makes possible to share that person's ideas without needing to pay anything or something and people across the world can join it collaboratively working to convert it into reality.

About me: well i am a high school teenager who is looking to turn MY idea into reality. I am really hard working and perseverance is one of my strengths. I have a bit of programming experience and business knowledge and expanding them as i move on.

I am looking for business developers and programmers who are open-minded and have an unwavering passion with a forward looking approach with a constant flow of ideas and most of all perseverance. This website has potential to help millions but be advised that it is risky too.