Akhilesh's Skills
Product Management

About Akhilesh

I am Akhilesh Mishra. I am a techie at heart. I am a late bloomer with over 8 years given to IT industry. But of late, I have been thinking on the path I am in. And my contribution to this society and how this is not what I want. So I have decided to unlearn everything and start afresh.

I have handled team in the past. And I have an semi-formed idea. The idea I had been thinking of for 4 months now. I already has one co founder to help me in making the product.

I am looking for a person who could handle some day to day operations of the startup. He/she can help in making strategies and discussing how to best go about the business. Making innovative customer reach. A person with customer handling profile.
If he/she can invest a little, it would be great and we can work out a deal in equity and positions. But this is not necessary and solely depends upon the person.